Liquidity Mining Rewards

At RadixPlanet, when we were building the DEX blueprints, we did so with liquidity mining rewards in mind, and we decided to do it in a very different way than everybody else.
We provide liquidity mining rewards to be volume oriented, not time oriented, because we believe doing so will provide motivation for liquidity providers to continuously search for better opportunities for their money to make the most use of it, so naturally balancing the liquidity they provide where it is most needed
We do this by effectively creating a unique liquidity mining token for each liquidity pool (called Planet_LM), this token gets minted with every swap, 1x for the swapper (trader) himself, and 10x gets deposited inside the liquidity pool for liquidity providers to withdraw whenever they need
These tokens are just a measure to tell who deserves how much planet later, the more you trade or provide liquidity to active pools the more you get and the more you claim $planet later
Soon when we have index pools released, we will provide a collective liquidity pool which has all Planet_LM tokens as liquidity along with $Planet token itself, so users who have possession of any Planet_LM token can redeem them for $Planet, effectively rewarding them for providing liquidity and/or trading through our platform